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Yeti Tibeb Lealem Traditional Dress Designing PLC

  • Yeti_Tibeb LeAlem Traditional Dress Designing P.L.C. is a small business established in September, 2004 as a sole proprietorship with a paid up capital of Birr 150,000 primarily to manufacture and sell quality casual and occasional traditional clothes. W/ro Yetinayet Eshetu is an entrepreneur who owns and manages the enterprise. The head Office is currently located in the Bole sub-city, near Atlas Hotel, Kebele 05, Addis Ababa City, Ethiopia.

    The factory (Weaving Workshop) is located in Addis Ababa around Kebena area (Wereda 16) Kebele 08. The head office also includes the sales Outlet and the Tailoring Workshop of the enterprise.

    The Enterprise currently employs about 40 people, and manufactures different types of traditional clothes mainly for the local market. The company hopes to expand and provide its products in foreign markets.

    In addition, the vision and mission of the enterprise is to produce quality, fashionable traditional clothing that offer a high degree of convenience and satisfaction for both local and foreign customers. Yeti Tibeb prides itself on the integreity and ethics with which it conducts all of its' business affairs with a goal to continue to support Traditional Ethiopian Dress Weavers (Shemmanes).

    Enterprise Contact

    Yetinayet Eshetu W/Tasdik

    PO Box 301

    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    Tel: +251(11)6627530

    Mobile: (251)91121140


    • Women causal: Tops, Shorts etc.
    • Wedding Dresses
    • Other products such as :-Scarves, Pillow dresses, chair and Table cloths