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Trio Craft PLC

  • Trio Craft PLCTrio Craft is a reputable and well-established company noted for its hand-woven woollen carpets, and its cotton fabrics and curtains. It has over 20 years of experience in Kenya supplying quality products to clients worldwide, including large hotels and resorts in East Africa. It has now opened a larger company in Ethiopia, owned and managed by two experienced and creative Ethiopian women.

    The company's vision is based on commercializing the rich Ethiopian arts and crafts heritage. The company has therefore identified and assembled a cadre of skilled Ethiopian artisans, now providing employment for 200 people. The company gives priority to employing women, youth, and school dropouts.

    The company uses organically grown cotton, fibers, and plant dyes to produce its exquisite products.

    Enterprise Contact

    Elizabeth/Aster Kassa - Co-owner and Manager

    PO Box 759

    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    Tel: +251 (11) 1400752

    Fax: +251 (11) 1611440

    Mobile: (0911) 679359


    • Home Decor Products: 100% woolen carpets and rugs for homes, offices, and hotels. Wall hangings depicting natural landscapes. Woolen and cotton cushions and pillow covers, including floor cushions. Hand woven bedspreads, curtains, and throws. Table linens, mats and napkins. Bamboo and reed household and decorative products.
    • Clothing and Accessories: Ladies hand bags of various sizes and designs. Shirts depicting Ethiopian arts and crafts.
    • Toys and Dolls: Made from natural cotton and acrylic materials, depicting animals, teddy bears, and dolls with Ethiopian costumes.