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  • We process dried organic fruits, fruit leather, fruit powder and 100% fruit juices. We use environmentally friendly technology in our production process. These technologies are designed to follow food safety regulations according to HACCP and EurepGAP policies. Our products contain no added sugar or sulphur dioxide. To preserve their original color, fruits are treated with natural citric acid to keep them from oxidizing during and after the drying process to ensure that the finished products maintain the natural colour, taste, and nutrition values. Fruits are handpicked under stringent quality control standards. They are then rinsed with pasteurized water, prepared and dried, then pasteurized and packed.

    Enterprise Contact

    Stella Brew - Managing Director

    Yeshi Taa, Chair Person

    # 10 Kussia Street, Pokuase

    Nsawam, Ghana

    Tel: +233 (21) 290338

    Fax: +233 (21) 290338

    Mobile: (233) 24429326


    • Dried Organic Fruits: Dried organic Pineapple, Mango, Papaya, Banana and Coconut. These superb dried fruits only have citric acid, which is a natural preservative found in citrus fruits. Packaged in 100g and 200g ready-to-eat snack packs. Bulk packaging of 50kg bags is also available. Enjoy the natural goodness of Nature !
    • Fruit Leather: Healthy and nutritious snacks of mouth-watering fruit pulp blends made from 100% natural fruits with no sugar, additives or preservatives. We have blends of pineapple, banana and pawpaw; Pineapple and banana with chopped nuts and a touch of lemon zest; Banana and pawpaw with coconut flakes. We also produce according to customer specifications.
    • Fruit powders: We process quality natural dried mango, papaya and pineapple. These are used to produce natural drinks and contain vitamins A&C.