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Acorn Products (Pty) Ltd

  • Acorn Products (PTY) LtdFrom strong roots, the Acorn Group has grown to become a proud, well established oak with sturdy branches, flourishing in the pharmaceutical, laboratories and sales & merchandising divisions.

    Established in 1996, the Acorn Group is a renowned organisation thriving in a number of FMCG and Pharmaceutical business categories. Finding a niche in the market, Acorn was born from a decision by Shell South Africa to dispose of their brands that didn't fall directly into the mainstream petroleum industry.

    Enterprise Contact

    Gail Downing

    PO Box 82, Strubens Valley 1735

    Strubens Valley, South Africa

    Tel: +011 (704) 6100

    Mobile: (083) 2512262


    Acorn Products our two main "branches" are the specialised manufacture of our own brands, like Tabard Insect Repellent and the packing, sales, merchandising and distribution service that we provide for other companies. Acorn Products (PTY) Ltd. represents Storm from BASF, as well our export service that allows us to share our outstanding product range with those outside of South Africa.

    Acorn is in daily contact with all major retail and wholesale chains, as well as various other store types throughout southern Africa, including:

    • AutoZones, Builders Warehouse, Cape Union Mart, Clicks, Discom, Game/Dion, Makro, Metcash, Midas, OK Hyperama, Pick N Pay, Shield, Shoprite/Checkers, Sportsman's Warehouse, Trade Centre and Woolworths
    • Pharmacy wholesalers and retail pharmacy outlets
    • Camping Outlets
    • Travel Clinics
    • AA Shops