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  • LiberiaCurrent 2011, ACCESS! programme will be implemented in Liberia targeting the Liberian women entrepreneurs who would like to export their products in the international market. Due to the nature of the commerce and business activities in Liberia, ACCESS! programme will target select enterprises from different audiences, especially those that comply with or involve certain gender sensitivity in the overall operations or within its leadership.

    Partner Institution

    Liberia - Chamber of Commerce

    Liberian Chamber of Commerce (LCC) is a non-political and non-profit making organization. Its membership constituting the top business houses and concessions in the country.The Liberian Chamber of Commerce is working mainly to promote the commerce, industry and agriculture at a national and international level.

    ACCESS! Focal Point Coodinator

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    For more information about the ACCESS! programme in Liberia, please contact our coordinator:

    Mr. Fromayan DAVID - Secretary General

    National Training Team

    The ACCESS! training team is ready to share their vast knowledge and expertise in enterprise development. Our team of trainers will help you through the key aspects of learning to do business internationally.

    For more information, please contact ACCESS! team:

    Mr. Sekou Wieh KONNEH - Assistant Professor, Sirleaf Market Women's Fund