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  • GhanaACCESS! programme in Ghana was first implemented in 2006 by the Federation of Associations of Ghanaian Exporters (FAGE) and the International Trade Centre (ITC). It has allowed many Ghanaian women-owned businesses to be introduced to the standards to be applied to develop their exports at international level. ACCESS! Ghana provides a comprehensive package of trade support services to women entrepreneurs, including:

    1. Exporters' training programme focusing on selected sectors in which women are traditionally involved and for which a significant export potential has been identified.
    2. A demand driven Coaching/Mentorship component to complement exporter training with expert advice and guidance to selected trainees in developing and implementing their export strategies.
    3. A Web portal, facilitating women entrepreneurs' access to relevant export information tools and services, and providing an opportunity to showcase their company's capabilities.


    Ghana - Export Promotion Council

    Partner institution

    The Ghana Export Promotion Council (GEPC) is the National Export Trade Support Institution that facilitates the development and promotion of Ghanaian exports. GEPC is positioned in the national export system as the coordinating pivot for the various public and private sector trade agencies involved in export trade development and facilitation. GEPC became ACCESS! host organisation (ACCESS! Focal Point - AFP), in 2010.

    For more information, please visit GEPC website

    ACCESS! Focal point coordinator

    ACCESS logo

    For more information about the ACCESS! programme in Ghana, please contact our coordinator

    Ms. Agnes Gifty ADJEI-SAM - Head, Ghana Export Trade Information Centre (GETIC)

    Ghana Export Promotion Council (GEPC), Post Office Box M146, Accra

    Tel: + 233 30 689 889

    Fax: + 233 30 267 7256

    Mobile: +233 24 467 9191

    GETIC is a department of GEPC (

    National Training Team

    The ACCESS! training team is ready to share their vast knowledge and expertise in enterprise development. Our team of trainers will guide you through the key aspects of learning to do business internationally. At present, Ghana has two certified International Trade Centre (ITC) trainers with proven training capacity in business management and exporting.

    For more information, please contract the ACCESS! team:

    Ms. Abena OTU - Managing Consultant

    Ms. Bridget Kyerematten DARKO - Executive Director - Aid to Artisnas Ghana