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South Africa

  • South AfricaACCESS! South Africa was implemented in 2005 with training covering the exporting of services. Several businesswomen received export training and assistance with particular focus on the market entry. Today, number of them have been very successful and are currently selling their products in the international market place.

    Partner Institution

      South Africa - Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    The Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry is in charge of promoting and protecting the interests of business in the region. The Chamber is in a unique position to act as a link between established business, the emerging sector, and government. It is recognized locally and internationally as an impartial third party with a long history of promoting business. Assistance, guidance, development and support of international trade is the flagship service of the Chamber with great emphasis being placed on the emerging business sector in South Africa.

    For more information, please visit the NAFCOC/JCCI website.

    ACCESS! Focal Point Coodinator

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    Joan Warburton-McBride represents JCCI as the Focal Point for South Africa and has worked at the Chamber in all aspects of business development for many years. Recently she has focused her attention on the emerging sector and has partnered with various local and regional government agencies to train, mentor and support the small business sector in the Gauteng Province of South Africa.

    Ms. Joan Warburton-McBride - Manager, Chamber of commerce and Industry Johannesburg

    National Training Team

    The ACCESS! training team is ready to share their vast knowledge and expertise in enterprise development. Our team of trainers will help you through the key aspects of learning to do business internationally.

    For more information, please contact ACCESS! team:

    Ms. Linda Holtes - Lead Trainer English

    Ms. Nada Reyneke - Head, International Trade

    Ms. Zanele Ndimande - Assistant to the Trade Advisor

    Ms. Rabia Adams

    Ms. Josephine Wong

    Ms. Liza Pretorius

    Ms. Elsie Muller